CDR Analysis Application

CDR Analysis application

TechBharat CDR Analysis Software designed and developed by TechBharat Consulting. This application is very unique and excellent tool for analyzing CDRs and Tower Dumps. We have trained 100s officers and successfully installed this application in New Delhi, Haryana, Telangana, West Bengal and Many other places all over India. TechBharat CDR Analysis application has many unique features like CDR Analysis, Image Analysis, Split Analysis, Pattern Analysis, Geofencing etc. all locations on Google Map & Earth. Our application is integrated with various Social Insights Platform like Facebook and True Caller. It also contains Cell Track feature for finding the exact tower locations on crime spot.

Link Analysis is one of the most prime feature of the software that help you visualize the suspect numbers and relation between them. TechBharat CDR Analysis application provides more than 100s of unique features and you can easily generate 1000s of reports in it. This application provides you automatic detection of Cell IDs as we have maintained maximum Cell ID of all circles and providers. This database we keep on updating so that you could get the latest Cell IDs of towers for both 2G and 3G. We have a very strong, highly experienced and dedicated, highly trained technical support team for providing you the assistance 12 Hrs/ each day 6 days a week.

Single Number Analysis

Common callers of a number
Archives (Past History) of a number.
Common locations of a number
Frequent locations
Charts displaying in graph
Details of those common callers.
IMEIs used by a number
IMSIs used by a number
Usage of each handset used by a number
Various other reports on Google maps.
Locations between specific period
Movements and Route
Plotting route on Google maps
Plotting call locations on Google maps
First and last calls of a day.
Daily called number and location
Moving Call of a number
Roaming Summary of a number
Pattern Analysis of a number
Split and view other party in contact for time period

Multiple Number Analysis

Graphical relation between multiple numbers.
Pattern Analysis of multiple numbers.
Internal calls of multiple numbers
IMEIs used by multiple numbers.
Common numbers in multiple CDRs
Common IMEI in multiple CDRs.
Common Location in multiple CDRs.
Location of multiple numbers on Map & Earth.
Mixed calls of multiple numbers.
Common callers of multiple numbers.

IMEI Analysis

Target numbers of IMEI
Summary of Calls from an IMEI.
Movements & Route of an IMEI.
Common Other party and locations of IMEI.
Period of using target numbers in IMEI.
Chart displaying all calls graphically
Archives (Past history) from an IMEI.
Roaming Summary of an IMEI.
Moving Calls from an IMEI.
Summary of all SIMs from an IMEI.
Common callers of target numbers in IMEI.
First Call & Last Call from an IMEI
Daily Called & Daily Location from an IMEI
Pattern Analysis of an IMEI.

Multiple IMEI Analysis

Target Numbers of multiple IMEIs.
Pattern Analysis of multiple IMEIs.
Mobile Numbers used in multiple IMEIs.
Other Party called from multiple IMEIs.
Chart displaying all calls graphically.
Links displaying all patterns of multiple IMEIs graphically.
All outgoing & incoming Calls & SMSs from multiple IMEIs.

Tower Analysis

Relation of calls between different towers
Internal calling between towers
Calls under tower
Numbers common in different towers
IMEI common in different towers
Other party common in different towers
Groups of numbers in different towers
Searching multiple numbers in tower

Multiple Tower Analysis

Create tower groups on location or time basis for analysis
Finding out common numbers, common other party, common IMEI in groups of towers or in towers as well.
Finding relation of calls between different tower groups.
Single SIM multiple handsets in Tower Groups
Half day wise analysis of towers.
Splitting all Tower Groups at once in Sub Groups
Day wise analysis of towers.
Single IMEI multiple SIMs in Tower Groups.
Tower analysis on time basis.
Internal Calls between different groups
Pattern Analysis in Tower Groups

Link Analysis

It is a Unique application which can analyse the Links and visualisation of complex networks
It shows Links between all uploaded CDRs.
Sub graph to analyse a particular module, important network(s) etc.
Visual graphs to represent Links between all distinct numbers.
Identification of the direct and/or indirect relationship between two people in a given number of CDRs
Can generate call frequency matrix for multiple CDRs to show cross calls between parties
Filters are available for graphical representation (Visual Filter)
Graphically presents results making more accessible and easier to understand
The application draws a visual representation between the multiple nodes of a network in a single panel and also have inbuilt intelligence to identify:Single Points of Failure in the network,Nodes with maximum density and Nodes which can influence the entire network in the shortest time possible.
Capability to show the relation between different nodes and also show the subscriber information of the selected nodes
Also have capability of analyzing important modules in a separate window.
Sub graph facility available for analyzing particular or important module of graphs.
Can remove unwanted nodes from data panel and the graph in a separate process and also automatically remove numbers whose length are less than the specified input
Can highlight the important and common nodes and also indicate any existing suspect number in the data set
Different options are available for layouts like FRL Layout, Static Layout, Circle Layout, Tree Layout, Isometric Layout etc.
Font can be changed for number and/or name
Can Print graph.
Can generate reports with directed or undirected option
Can Transform or move the whole graph
Can Pick a particular node with its adjacent node
Can Name a particular node
Can Zoom a particular area of a graph in Link Analysis through Lense option
Can Zoom In & Out for better view.
Can Save graph as an Image
Customisation available in Link Analysis
Any external data can be imported and graph can be generated visually
Can filter node on the basis of Length and selected number

Other Features

Search single number or multiple numbers in whole database
Search for cell ids.
Search based on address of Cell ID
Case Analysis of different cases
Suspect List features for adding suspects and find those in new cases
Profile Management which lets you create your profile for suspected numbers
Advanced Search lets you search between different cases
Filters are provided in each and every report to run multiple queries at once
Recursive Filters are available which lets you run multiple filters at once
You can create your own format against any CDR
IMEI database mapping to know Handset make and model
Backup can be generated and restored individually in case reinstallation
Level Code database to know the home circle and provider of the number
No data loss. Data can be shifted from one machine to another
Software can also be operated in Client Server settings
Automatic uploading of CDRs to avoid manual file format creation
Cell IDs for any circle can be downloaded
Get Cell ID addresses directly in your reports
Get level codes of mobile numbers directly in your reports
Cell track - find out exact tower location with help of Google maps, which avoids your cell tracking by going to spot
Visualization of each and every reports in graph.


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